Meet the Feminist Financier - Ms. Financier if You're Nasty

I’m on a mission to help women build wealth. Ladies, we’re going to talk about money - how to get it, grow it, manage it - in order to achieve our goals.

Aren’t we all curious about money? Sadly, many of us have been taught that money is a taboo topic. A Fidelity study found that 92% of women want to learn more about financial planning, but eight in 10 “...confess they have refrained at some point from talking about their finances with those they are close to.” Women report that talking about money is “too personal.”

Well, ladies, let’s get over that barrier and start talking. If you’re here, you’re interested in money. Let’s share tips, ideas, experiences, what to do (and what NOT to do - ever) in order to help each other build more wealth.

Who is the Feminist Financier?

I’m a woman that has always been fascinated by money. At 5, my dad explained that the bank would pay me interest in exchange for my savings. This blew my mind - money without having to work for it!

I’m a saver - and have been from the time I was a little girl. My parents coached me save at least half of all cash I received - from small jobs like babysitting, washing cars, doing yard work, and from birthdays or holidays. At thirteen, I received my first W-2 for $354 after working my first summer job. I’ve been working ever since.

That’s great, you may think - but why should I trust your money advice? Fair question! I have my Bachelors in Business from the University of Michigan, where I studied finance. (Go Blue!) I’m now a consultant, married to an engineer, and together we have accumulated more than $1.1M in invested assets by the age of 35. I’m also a lifelong student - while I know a lot about personal finance, I still have much to learn.  

Finally, but importantly, I’m a feminist - meaning, I am passionate about equality and believe in the amazing power that women have when we help other women.

What about the men?

I love men - I’m married to one, and my brothers and father are important people in my life. I focus on women because we experience a persistent wealth gap relative to men...but welcome guys who would like to engage and share with our community.

More importantly - what about you!?

I am so excited to hear your feedback, ideas, and get to meet you along the way.  You can find me on email and twitter. Please share your favorite financial resources (podcasts, blogs, authors, experts, concepts) and your goals.  Let’s do this, ladies!  

xoxo, Ms. Financier

An important disclosure: I will never write content that is sponsored, so any recommendations I provide are mine and mine alone. I’m not interested in monetizing this blog. It is not a business - so you won’t see affiliate links or ads. If you’d like to show your support, share my blog with the other fabulous women in your life!