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I’m on a mission to help women build wealth. Ladies, we’re going to talk about money - how to get it, grow it, manage it - in order to achieve our goals.

Who am I? Fair question!

I’m a woman that has always been fascinated by money. At 5, my dad explained that the bank would pay me interest in exchange for my savings. This blew my mind - money without having to work for it!

I’m a saver - and have been from the time I was a little girl. My parents coached me save at least half of all cash I received - from small jobs like babysitting, washing cars, doing yard work, and from birthdays or holidays.  At thirteen, I received my first W-2 for $354 after working my first summer job. I’ve been working ever since.

I have my Bachelors in Business from the University of Michigan, where I studied finance. My partner and I have accumulated more than $1.1M in invested assets by the age of 35. I’m also a lifelong student - while I know a lot about personal finance, I still have much to learn.  

Finally, but importantly, I’m a feminist - meaning, I am passionate about equality and believe in the amazing power that women have when we help other women.

Nice to meet you! Start exploring the blog with my first post, and I look forward to your money tips and questions. 

An important disclosure: I will never write content that is sponsored, so any recommendations I provide are mine and mine alone. I'm not interested in monetizing this blog. It is not a business - so you won't see affiliate links or ads. If you'd like to show your support, share my blog with other fabulous women in your life!